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// Nonolith Connect
// Xmega bootloader driver
// Released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3+
// (C) 2012 Nonolith Labs, LLC
// Authors:
// Kevin Mehall <>
#pragma once
#include "../dataserver.hpp"
#include "../usb_device.hpp"
#define REQ_INFO 0xB0
#define REQ_ERASE 0xB1
#define REQ_START_WRITE 0xB2
#define REQ_CRC_APP 0xB3
#define REQ_CRC_BOOT 0xB4
#define REQ_RESET 0xBF
struct BootloaderInfo{
uint32_t magic;
uint8_t version;
uint32_t devid;
uint16_t page_size; // Page size in bytes
uint32_t app_section_end; // Byte address of end of flash. Add one for flash size
uint32_t entry_jmp_pointer; // App code can jump to this pointer to enter the bootloader
char hw_product[16];
char hw_version[16];
} __attribute__((packed));
class Bootloader_device: public Device, USB_device{
Bootloader_device(libusb_device *dev, libusb_device_descriptor &desc);
virtual const string model(){return "com.nonolithlabs.bootloader";}
virtual const string hwVersion();
virtual const string fwVersion(){return "unknown";}
virtual const string serialno(){return serial;}
virtual bool processMessage(ClientConn& session, string& cmd, JSONNode& n);
virtual void onClientAttach(ClientConn *c);
BootloaderInfo info;
void getInfo();
void erase();
int write(string data);
unsigned crc_app();
unsigned crc_boot();
void reset();
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