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Better, Saner Pixiv

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Pixiven is chrome packaged app provides better, saner Pixiv

With Pixiven, now you can search Pixiv from less clutter, simple interface.

Development is still at very early stage, other feartures should be added soon.


  • Show works by an artist.
  • Hide works with tags specified by user.
  • Hide works which can be spoiler of new episode. Many animes are broadcasted over TV earlier than Internet.
  • Rate 10/10 button.
  • Bookmark.
  • Track new works in searches.
  • Search other sites than Pixiv e.g. Nico Nico Seiga, Twitpic.


Pixiven's own code are licensed under MIT.

Pixiven is built on some awesome frameworks. Thanks a lot! License of them follow its own license.

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