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HAMMERCRAWL! RPG System and Old-School Gaming Method
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Created by: N. Phillip Cole

In the past, HAMMERCRAWL! wasn't meant to be a complete game, but just a method of running "classic"" style games 100% randomly. However, as of Q1 2018, this has changed, and I've decided to write an entire base game for the HAMMERCRAWL! process from the ground up. The older process docs are still here and updated as needed, but I'm now directing most of my efforts on this project toward building on the new base game itself. Expect a lot more in the coming days!

Any original text here is distributed by License: BY-NC-SA

The Main Files

  • This is the new core game, fully compatible with other classic-inspired games currently popular with certain groups, and completely free. It is very much a work in progress, but all the basics are there to be played with.

  • Player's Guide: Everything you need to play the game

  • Smith's Guide: Everything you need to run the game

  • Son of Hammer: Extended house rules, optional classes, and more

Note: This process works best with my own associated Old School Random Character Generator program, also on GitHub

Also be sure and look at The HAMMERCRAWL! World Bible. This is a reference for the ever-growing official game world of HAMMERCRAWL! and its related podcast should you choose to follow along.


The process initially started as a loose procedure for running just about any old school system on the fly. While I have not updated those older documents since starting the grand collected system revision, I have kept them in this archive, moved to the "classic" subfolder.

The Generators

These are the Generators that I use most often, so am linking them here for quick access:

Dungeons Specifically

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