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from docassemble.base.core import DAObject, DAList, DAFile, DAStaticFile
from docassemble.base.util import pdf_concatenate, path_and_mimetype
from docassemble.base.functions import space_to_underscore
import pycountry
import pdfkit
import csv, sys
def countries():
return sorted([ for country in pycountry.countries])
def protected_class():
return [
'National Origin',
'Familial Status (i.e. children)',
'Source of Income (e.g. a Section 8 voucher)',
'Sexual Orientation',
'Gender Identity',
'Marital Status',
'Veteran or Active Military Status',
'Genetic Information'
def document_type():
return [
'treatise/law overview',
def location():
return [
'Fall River'
def grounds():
return [
'Political Opinion',
'Particular Social Group'
def subgrounds():
return [
'DV status',
'gang-related violence',
'membership in a family/social group'
def harms():
return [
'physical violence',
'threats of harm',
'unlawful detention',
'infliction of mental, emotional, or psychological harm',
'substantial economic discrimination or harm',
'other discrimination or harassment',
'other violations of human rights'
class AISearcher(DAList):
"""An abstract interface that allows you to retrieve articles for creating an annotated index.
Initial version should work with SharePoint Online"""
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(AISearcher, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
#self.elements = list()
def matches(self,date_after=None,date_before=None,characteristics=None,country=None,any=False):
"""Return a list of articles that match any or all of the specified filters"""
#def append(self,item):
# self.elements.append(item)
#def list_all(self):
# return self.elements
class CSVSearcher(AISearcher):
"""Allows you to use a basic CSV file with a list of files stored in the Docassemble Static folder as basis of AI Searcher"""
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(CSVSearcher, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
if hasattr(self, 'csv_file'):
def inflate(self,csv_file):
"""Load a CSV file that has a list of filenames that exist in the '/static' subfolder of the DA Package"""
# We should strip out unicode characters in the fields
file_list = load_from_csv(csv_file)
for pdf in file_list:
article = self.appendObject()
article.title = pdf['Title']
article.file = DAStaticFile(filename=pdf['File'])
article.annotation = pdf['Excerpt'] = pdf['Date']
article.citation = pdf['Citation']
article.document_type = pdf['Document Type']
self.gathered = True
class AIArticle(DAObject):
"""A single item (article) used to document an asylee's claim"""
def date_range(self):
return (self.start_date,self.end_date)
def characteristics(self):
return self._characteristics
def country(self):
return self._country
def set(self,file):
"""Set the file object"""
if isinstance(file,DAFile):
self.file = file
def get(self):
return self.file
def as_pdf(self):
"""Returns a DAFile that represents the article in PDF format, regardless of source format"""
if isinstance(self.file,DAFile):
return self.file
return self.file
def __unicode__(self):
return self.title
def __str__(self):
return self.__unicode__()
class AnnotatedIndex(DAList):
"""A collection of articles and other documents to support an asylee's claim (dossier or annotated index)"""
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(AnnotatedIndex, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
self.object_type = AIArticle
self.categories = set()
def as_pdf(self):
"""Returns a concatenated PDF that represents the completed annotated index"""
return pdf_concatenate([article.file for article in self])
def toc(self):
"""Returns a Microsoft Word Document with a table of contents for the index"""
def append(self, item):
if hasattr(item,'document_type'):
class AIWebArticle(DAObject):
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(AIWebArticle, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
self.file = DAFile()
def save_pdf(self):
# self.file = DAFile()
self.file.initialize(filename=space_to_underscore(self.title + '.pdf'))
pdfkit.from_url(self.url, self.file.path())
class AIWebArticleList(DAList):
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(AIWebArticleList, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
self.object_type = AIWebArticle
def load_from_csv(relative_path):
""" Return a list containing a dictionary for each line of the CSV file at relative_path. Uses Docassemble path_and_mimetype to locate the path."""
path = path_and_mimetype(relative_path)[0]
reader = csv.DictReader(open(path,'r'))
myList = []
for line in reader:
del reader
return myList