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from docassemble.base.util import validation_error, Address, DAObject, DAList, Person, title_case
import re
import requests
def is_valid_ssn(x):
"""Validates that the field is 3 digits, a hyphen, 2 digits, a hyphen, and 4 final digits only."""
#return True # speed up testing
if not bool(re.match(valid_ssn,x)):
validation_error("Write the Social Security Number like this: XXX-XX-XXXX")
return True
class FieldOffice(Person):
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(FieldOffice, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
class FieldOfficeList(DAList):
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(FieldOfficeList, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
self.auto_gather = False
self.object_type = FieldOffice
if hasattr(self, 'address'):
self.load_offices(self.address, 3)
self.gathered = True
def load_offices(self, address, number=3):
""" Find at least number offices closest to the given address"""
distance = 5 # start out searching for offices within 5 miles
results = self.searcher.nearest_offices(address, distance=distance)
loop = 1
max_loop = 9
# Keep expanding the search radius if we didn't get enough matches in the default distance
while loop < max_loop and len(results['features']) < number:
distance *= 2
results = self.searcher.nearest_offices(address, distance=distance)
loop += 1
return None
for item in results['features']:
fo = self.appendObject() = title_case(item['properties']['AddressLine1'])
fo.title = title_case(item['properties']['OfficeName'])
fo.address.address = title_case(item['properties']['AddressLine3'])
if item['properties']['AddressLine2']:
fo.address.unit = title_case(item['properties']['AddressLine2']) = title_case(item['properties']['City'])
fo.address.state = item['properties']['State'] = item['properties']['ZIP5']
fo.office_code = item['properties']['OfficeCode']
fo.phone_number = item['properties']['BusinessPhone']
self.gathered = True
class FieldOfficeSearcher(DAObject):
def init(self, *pargs, **kwargs):
super(FieldOfficeSearcher, self).init(*pargs, **kwargs)
def nearest_offices_by_lat_lng(self, latitude, longitude, distance=5):
"""Search for nearby SSA offices, and return raw GeoJSON results"""
url = ""
params = {
'geometry': str(longitude) + ',' + str(latitude),
'distance': distance,
'geometryType': 'esriGeometryPoint',
'inSR': 4326, # See
'outSR': 4326,
'spatialRel': 'esriSpatialRelIntersects',
'resultType': 'none',
'units': 'esriSRUnit_StatuteMile',
'returnGeodetic': 'false',
'outFields': '*',
'returnGeometry': 'true',
'multipatchOption': 'xyFootprint',
'applyVCSProjection': 'false',
'returnIdsOnly': 'false',
'returnUniqueIdsOnly': 'false',
'returnExtentOnly': 'false',
'returnDistinctValues': 'false',
'returnZ': 'false',
'returnM': 'false',
'returnExceededLimitFeatures': 'true',
'sqlFormat': 'none',
'f': 'pgeojson',
'quantizationParameters': '',
'where': '',
'objectIds': '',
'time': '',
'maxAllowableOffset': '',
'geometryPrecision': '',
'datumTransformation': '',
'orderByFields': '',
'groupByFieldsForStatistics': '',
'outStatistics': '',
'having': '',
'resultOffset': '',
'resultRecordCount': '',
'token': ''
r = requests.get(url, params=params)
self.url = r.url
jdata = r.json()
return jdata
def nearest_offices(self, address, distance=5):
if hasattr(address.location,'longitude') and hasattr(address.location, 'latitude'):
return self.nearest_offices_by_lat_lng(address.location.latitude,address.location.longitude, distance=distance)
if address.geolocate_success:
return self.nearest_offices_by_lat_lng(address.location.latitude,address.location.longitude, distance=distance)
return None
if __name__ == '__main__':
# import pprint
# res = FieldOfficeSearcher.nearest_office_by_lat_lng(42.3641657, -71.0626028,17)