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View, stage and revert Git changes straight from the buffer.

(This package is inspired by the GitGutter plugin for Sublime Text. It contains patches that haven't yet been added to Git-Gutter.)



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Get Started

Use the predefined use-package setup or follow these steps:

  • Install with package.el

    Add MELPA as a package source. Run M-x package-install git-gutter+

  • Add the following to your .emacs file


    If you want to disable git-gutter+ for some modes, set the variable git-gutter+-disabled-modes.

    As an alternative to global-git-gutter+-mode you can enable git-gutter+ only for specific modes, like this:

      (add-hook 'ruby-mode-hook 'git-gutter+-mode)
      (add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'git-gutter+-mode)
  • Add keybindings

      (global-set-key (kbd "C-x g") 'git-gutter+-mode) ; Turn on/off in the current buffer
      (global-set-key (kbd "C-x G") 'global-git-gutter+-mode) ; Turn on/off globally
      (eval-after-load 'git-gutter+
           ;;; Jump between hunks
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x n") 'git-gutter+-next-hunk)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x p") 'git-gutter+-previous-hunk)
           ;;; Act on hunks
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x v =") 'git-gutter+-show-hunk)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x r") 'git-gutter+-revert-hunks)
           ;; Stage hunk at point.
           ;; If region is active, stage all hunk lines within the region.
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x t") 'git-gutter+-stage-hunks)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x c") 'git-gutter+-commit)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x C") 'git-gutter+-stage-and-commit)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x C-y") 'git-gutter+-stage-and-commit-whole-buffer)
           (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x U") 'git-gutter+-unstage-whole-buffer)))



(git-gutter-fringe+ with minimal skin)

git-gutter-fringe+.el uses the fringe to display diff markers, instead of the buffer margin.

These are the differences to the default margin display mode in git-gutter+:

git-gutter+.el git-gutter-fringe+.el
Works in tty frame + -
Works with linum-mode - +
Gutter on the right side - +

Enable git-gutter-fringe+ like this:

M-x package-install git-gutter-fringe+
(require 'git-gutter-fringe+)

;; Optional: Activate minimal skin

To interactively disable/enable the fringe display mode, run M-x git-gutter+-toggle-fringe.



Enable/disable git-gutter+ in the current buffer.


Globally enable/disable git-gutter+ for all file buffers.


Jump to the next hunk.


Jump to the previous hunk.


Show detailed diff for the hunk at point.

The hunk info is updated when you call git-gutter+-next-hunk and git-gutter+-previous-hunk.


An alternative to git-gutter+-show-hunk. Shows the diff by expanding it at point, without opening a new buffer.


Revert hunk at point. If region is active, revert all hunks within the region.


Stage hunk at point. If region is active, stage all hunk lines within the region.


Commit staged changes. If nothing is staged, ask to stage the current buffer.


Calls git-gutter+-stage-hunks followed by git-gutter+-commit.


Stages and commits the whole buffer.


Unstages all changes in the current buffer. Use this to undo any effects caused by git-gutter+-stage-hunks.


The commit message buffer is based on git-commit. Besides the default git-commit-mode bindings, the following bindings are provided:

  • C-c C-a toggles the option to amend the previous commit.

  • C-c C-e toggles the option to allow an empty commit that includes no changes.

  • C-c C-u toggles the option to edit the commit author.

  • C-c C-d toggles the option to edit the commit date.

  • M-p/M-n insert previous/next history commit message.

git-commit-ack is re-bound to C-c C-b.



  • 2 enhancements:
    • Added git-gutter+-show-hunk-inline-at-point
    • The Readme now contains a use-package quick-start setup
  • 2 fixes:
    • Fixed git-gutter+-unstage-whole-buffer to only unstage changes from the current buffer
    • Various code cleanups


  • 3 fixes:
    • Fixed staging and committing with Tramp
    • Fixed errors with symlinked files
    • Support the latest version of `git-commit'


  • 2 enhancements:
    • New interactive functions git-gutter+-stage-and-commit-whole-buffer and git-gutter+-unstage-whole-buffer
    • Refresh gutter when a buffer is staged or unstaged in Magit
  • 4 fixes:
    • M-p is now guaranteed to insert the message of the previous commit
    • Fixed compatibility with current versions of git-commit-mode
    • git-gutter+-diff-args is now properly handled as a list of strings
    • Fixed extraneous window splits that occured when displaying staged changes before committing


  • New commit interface based on git-commit-mode. See section 'Committing' to learn more.
  • Added git-gutter+-mode-map. Consider migrating some of your global git-gutter+ bindings to the local keymap. See section 'Add keybindings' for an example.
  • Properly support narrowed buffers
  • Revert hunks within region (or hunk at point) with git-gutter+-revert-hunks Please update your key binding. (The old name 'git-gutter+-revert-hunk' is still accessible by an alias.)
  • Renamed git-gutter+-popup-hunk to git-gutter+-show-hunk Please update your key binding. (The old name is still accessible by an alias.)
  • Added customizable variable 'git-gutter+-git-executable'
  • Package git-gutter-fringe+: Added git-gutter+-toggle-fringe to enable/disable the fringe display mode.

0.02 (Changes since Git-Gutter 0.42)

  • Improved performance
  • Staging and committing hunks
  • A bug-free git-gutter-fringe.el and other fixes
  • The following interactive commands have been removed. They are superseded by git-gutter+-mode.
    • git-gutter
    • git-gutter-toggle
    • git-gutter-clear
  • Removed mode-on/off-hook variables
  • Renamed git-gutter-diff-option to git-gutter-diff-options


  • Emacs 23 or higher
  • Git 1.7.0 or higher


Git-Gutter supports TRAMP for remote file support.

Use-Package Setup

(use-package git-gutter+
  :ensure t
  :init (global-git-gutter+-mode)
  :config (progn
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x n") 'git-gutter+-next-hunk)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x p") 'git-gutter+-previous-hunk)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x v =") 'git-gutter+-show-hunk)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x r") 'git-gutter+-revert-hunks)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x t") 'git-gutter+-stage-hunks)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x c") 'git-gutter+-commit)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x C") 'git-gutter+-stage-and-commit)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x C-y") 'git-gutter+-stage-and-commit-whole-buffer)
            (define-key git-gutter+-mode-map (kbd "C-x U") 'git-gutter+-unstage-whole-buffer))
  :diminish (git-gutter+-mode . "gg"))

This section of the manual hasn't yet been cleaned up. (But it's factually correct.)


Look and feel


You can change the signs and those faces.

(setq git-gutter+-modified-sign "  ") ;; two space
(setq git-gutter+-added-sign "++")    ;; multiple character is OK
(setq git-gutter+-deleted-sign "--")

(set-face-background 'git-gutter+-modified "purple") ;; background color
(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter+-added "green")
(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter+-deleted "red")

You can change minor-mode name in mode-line to set git-gutter+-lighter. Default is " GitGutter"

;; first character should be a space
(setq git-gutter+-lighter " GG")

Using full width characters


Emacs has char-width function which returns character width. git-gutter+.el uses it for calculating character length of the signs. But char-width does not work for some full-width characters. So you should explicitly specify window width, if you use full-width character.

(setq git-gutter+-window-width 2)
(setq git-gutter+-modified-sign "")
(setq git-gutter+-added-sign "")
(setq git-gutter+-deleted-sign "")

Disabled modes

If you use global-git-gutter+-mode, you may want some modes to disable git-gutter+-mode. You can make it by setting git-gutter+-disabled-modes to non-nil.

;; inactivate git-gutter+-mode in asm-mode and image-mode
(setq git-gutter+-disabled-modes '(asm-mode image-mode))

Default is nil.

Show Unchanged Information


git-gutter+.el can view unchanged information by setting git-gutter+-unchanged-sign. Like following.

(setq git-gutter+-unchanged-sign " ")
(set-face-background 'git-gutter+-unchanged "yellow")

Default value of git-gutter+-unchanged-sign is nil.

Show a separator column


git-gutter+.el can display an additional separator character at the right of the changed signs. This is mostly useful when running emacs in a console.

(setq git-gutter+-separator-sign "|")
(set-face-foreground 'git-gutter+-separator "yellow")

Default value of git-gutter+-separator-sign is nil.

Hide gutter if there are no changes

Hide gutter when there are no changes if git-gutter+-hide-gutter is non-nil. (Default is nil)

(setq git-gutter+-hide-gutter t)

Extra arguments for 'git diff'

You can force extra arguments to be passed to git diff by setting git-gutter+-diff-options.

;; Ignore all spaces
(setq git-gutter+-diff-options '("-w"))

See Also


GitGutter is Sublime Text plugin.


diff-hl has more features than git-gutter+.el.


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