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Bugfix: Remove meaningless error check which causes a more severe err…

…or in the first place by not restoring the comint-filter.
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1 parent 68a7ad3 commit 6ad10268b373b5e6a924775a76c9eb4359d2546d @nonsequitur committed Jun 22, 2010
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@@ -331,7 +331,6 @@ Then switch to the process buffer."
(ruby-escape-single-quoted seed)))
(while (and (not (string-match inf-ruby-prompt-pattern kept))
(accept-process-output proc 2)))
- (if (string-match "^[[:alpha:]]+?Error: " kept) (error kept))
(setf completions (cdr (butlast (split-string kept "[\r\n]") 2)))
(set-process-filter proc comint-filt)

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