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Fix compatibility with ido-ubiquitous.

ido-ubiquitous adds a defadvice that sets the default output of ido-completing-read
to "". A workaround is to explicitly specify the default value in the parameters to ido-completing-read.
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1 parent 4ae8eba commit 187a9c51dae2960c9dedfd804b7e308f78b3f034 @nonsequitur committed Aug 31, 2012
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@@ -133,7 +133,8 @@ Set this to nil to disable fuzzy matching."
(ido-enable-prefix nil)
(ido-enable-flex-matching smex-flex-matching)
(ido-max-prospects 10))
- (ido-completing-read (smex-prompt-with-prefix-arg) choices nil nil initial-input)))
+ (ido-completing-read (smex-prompt-with-prefix-arg) choices nil nil
+ initial-input nil (car choices))))
(defun smex-prompt-with-prefix-arg ()
(if (not current-prefix-arg)

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