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Simplify `smex-major-mode-commands' use of `mapcar'

Simply passing a symbol to `mapcar' makes it call that symbol for each element
in the list.
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1 parent 165a4d8 commit 298e9f8028017af777ddf3de12665aa2c7adebc7 @haxney haxney committed with Aug 11, 2012
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@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ Set this to nil to disable fuzzy matching."
(let ((commands (delete-dups (append (extract-commands-from-keymap (current-local-map))
(extract-commands-from-features major-mode)))))
(setq commands (smex-sort-according-to-cache commands))
- (setq commands (mapcar (lambda (command) (symbol-name command)) commands))
+ (setq commands (mapcar #'symbol-name commands))
(smex-read-and-run commands)))
(defun smex-completing-read (choices initial-input)

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