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Add smex- prefix to helper functions

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1 parent 14ddd74 commit 45fb8635d15c8994c0a0e14bdedfd69f02e4339f @purcell purcell committed with Apr 1, 2013
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16 smex.el
@@ -120,8 +120,8 @@ Set this to nil to disable fuzzy matching."
(defun smex-major-mode-commands ()
"Like `smex', but limited to commands that are relevant to the active major mode."
- (let ((commands (delete-dups (append (extract-commands-from-keymap (current-local-map))
- (extract-commands-from-features major-mode)))))
+ (let ((commands (delete-dups (append (smex-extract-commands-from-keymap (current-local-map))
+ (smex-extract-commands-from-features major-mode)))))
(setq commands (smex-sort-according-to-cache commands))
(setq commands (mapcar #'symbol-name commands))
(smex-read-and-run commands)))
@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ Set this to nil to disable fuzzy matching."
(condition-case nil
(setq smex-history (read (current-buffer))
smex-data (read (current-buffer)))
- (error (if (save-file-not-empty-p)
+ (error (if (smex-save-file-not-empty-p)
(error "Invalid data in smex-save-file (%s). Can't restore history."
(if (not (boundp 'smex-history)) (setq smex-history))
@@ -434,21 +434,21 @@ Returns nil when reaching the end of the list."
(let (message-log-max)
(message "%s" string)))
-(defun extract-commands-from-keymap (map)
+(defun smex-extract-commands-from-keymap (map)
(let (commands)
- (parse-keymap map)
+ (smex-parse-keymap map)
-(defun parse-keymap (map)
+(defun smex-parse-keymap (map)
(map-keymap (lambda (binding element)
(if (and (listp element) (eq 'keymap (car element)))
- (parse-keymap element)
+ (smex-parse-keymap element)
; Strings are commands, too. Reject them.
(if (and (symbolp element) (commandp element))
(setq commands (cons element commands)))))
-(defun extract-commands-from-features (mode)
+(defun smex-extract-commands-from-features (mode)
(let ((library-path (symbol-file mode))
(mode-name (symbol-name mode))

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