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haxney commented May 4, 2012

By using define-minor-mode with an autoload cookie, smex can be loaded and initialized purely through Customize.

The old smex-initialize function has been removed, as its functionality is handled entirely within smex-mode.

This resolves issue #11

haxney added some commits May 3, 2012
@haxney haxney Add the minor mode `smex-mode'
Sets up the keymap for smex and can be set through `customize'. This can be used
instead of `smex-initialize'.
@haxney haxney Fix keymap format for `smex-major-mode-commands'
`[M-X]' just gets translated to "M-x"; to get the intended effect of "M-X", the
format is `[?\M-X]'
@haxney haxney Modify docstrings to fit standard Emacs style.
The custom variables `smex-save-file' and `smex-history-length' no longer need
to be set early on. Initialization only takes place when `smex-mode' is turned
on, so those variables are read at that point (which is after customize has read
the values).
@haxney haxney Remove `smex-initialize' and `smex-initialize-ido'.
Their functionality is handled by `smex-mode'.
@haxney haxney Clean up when `smex-mode' is disabled. bed1ed0

You should maybe keep smex-initialize for backwards compatibility.

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