Minor cleanups #13

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Remove dependency of CL and move defsubst forms before smex defun to eliminate all compiler warnings.

Make read-only code match the recommended use.

Add GPL header.

haxney added some commits May 3, 2012
@haxney haxney Simplify `smex-major-mode-commands' use of `mapcar'
Simply passing a symbol to `mapcar' makes it call that symbol for each element
in the list.
@haxney haxney Move `defsubst' forms before `smex' to appease byte compiler. 429a4d4
@haxney haxney Remove use of CL.
There was one use each of `union' and `delete-if', both of which have been
translated to non-CL functions. This means that smex does not depend on CL at
all. The `(require 'cl)' can be removed because there aren't any CL macros being
used either.
@haxney haxney Remove use of `toggle-read-only' in elisp.
The recommended way to make a buffer read-only from elisp is to set
`buffer-read-only' to non-nil. For making temporary edits to the buffer, setting
`inhibit-read-only' to non-nil overrides the read-only status of the buffer.
@haxney haxney Add GPL license header. 2a5295d

Thanks! I've manually merged in most of these.

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