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version 3.0
added AppData file
license changed to GPLv3.0+
added 'apply to all tabs' in preferences dialog
new options:
cursorBlinkMode, cursorShape
startMaximized, hideTitlebarWhenMaximized
wordChars replaced with wordCharExceptions
removed options:
imageFile, transparency, visibleBell
Require libvte>0.29 and Gtk-3.
version 2.10.1
Fixed error with conflicting libvte/Gtk versions
Fixed ebuild (by Ilya Mochalov).
Suppress "invalid option" for -e.
Fixed missing link to math library (by Thomas Koch)
Miminum required version for Gtk-2 changed to 2.24.
Miminum required version for libvte changed to 0.28.
Rebuild po-files due to source changes.
version 2.10.0
fixed compilation for OpenBSD
prevent building termit with incompatible Gtk and Vte versions
"exec" commandline option now works nearly like in xterm
new options:
showBorder - show notebook's borders
version 2.9.6
fixed handling geometry setting
added support to choose libraries while configuring termit build
scrollable tabs in tabbar
new options:
tabPos - set tabbar position
version 2.9.5
fixed bug with hideTabbar and hideSingleTab
tabs indexes start with 1 (Lua-indexing)
fixed desktop file
added Swedish translation (by Tomas Fasth)
version 2.9.4
fix hyphen-used-as-minus-sign in manpage (by Thomas Koch)
new options:
hideTabbar (by Anurag Priyam)
new Lua functions:
added Polish translation (by Miś Uszatek)
added Danish translation
added support for Lua 5.2
fixed docs
version 2.9.3
fixed installing as non-root
added Spanish translation (by Martintxo)
added German translation (by Dennis Ploeger)
updated Hungarian translation (by Peter Polonkai)
apply foreground color for bold fonts
added several WM-specific commandline options: --name, --class, --role
version 2.9.2
fix build with --as-needed linker flags enabled (patch by Artur Frysiak)
Meta, Super and Hyper in keybindings (patch by Artur Frysiak)
project language set to C
new Lua functions:
feed feedChild
fixed some compilation issues when using Gtk+3
added Japanese translation (by Nobuhiro Iwamatsu)
version 2.9.1
fixed setEncoding in termit.utils module
fixed possible zombie process
version 2.9.0
new Lua functions:
added support for system-wide rc.lua
added support for using modules in rc.lua
added several predefined colormaps
version 2.8.1
fixed bug in currentTabIndex
version 2.8.0
search in vte buffer (only for vte >= 0.26)
new Lua functions
findDlg findNext findPrev
new options
extra warnings when compiling in DEBUG mode
fixed docs
version 2.7.1
display proper encoding when switching pages
version 2.7.0
refactored reading table from Lua
fixed working with sessions
new options:
imageFile - path to image to be set on the background
colormap - instead of setColormap
matches - instead of setMatches
tabs - opened by default tabs
changed default binding for 'closeTab' from 'Ctrl-w' to 'CtrlShift-w'
fixed docs
version 2.6.0
fixed -e option: read configs first only then execute
accelerators for user menus
new Lua functions
fixed docs
removed support for deprecated:
use rc.lua instead of init.lua
in openTab use title instead of name
and workingDir instead of working_dir
action in menuitem must be lua-function
version 2.5.0
GPLv2 license agreement in every source file
new Lua functions
global array 'tabs' with tab settings
fixed bug: hidden menu appears after reconfigure
use rc.lua instead of init.lua
in openTab use title instead of name
and workingDir instead of working_dir
fixed docs
version 2.4.0
new Lua functions
version 2.3.0
read rc.lua instead of init.lua (init.lua is deprecated)
new Lua functions
new options
audibleBell, visibleBell, setMatches, spawn, urgencyOnBell
version 2.2.0
mixed modifiers (e.g. AltCtrl, AltShift, etc.)
new Lua functions
setTabForegroundColor, setTabBackgroundColor, bindMouse,
toggleMenubar, setWindowTitle, currentTabIndex, getTabTitle,
new options
per-tab foreground/background colors, fillTabbar, hideMenubar,
version 2.1.1
fixed typo in docs, init foreground color with "gray", proper Lua-includes
when building from source
version 2.1.0
added support for changing foreground color
added man page
cmake_minimum_required changed to 2.6.1, 2.6.0 have problems with
FindLua51.cmake module
fixed reconfigure when running with --init option
version 2.0.0
embedded Lua - configs and sessions replaced with lua-scripts
xterm-like dynamic window title
version 1.3.5
added Korean translation (by SeonKon Choi)
added for Fedora 8 (by SeonKon Choi)
fixed bug with show/hide scrollbar
version 1.3.4
fixes Hungarian translation (by Peter Polonkai)
version 1.3.3
added termit.SlackBuild and termit.ebuild
added support for kb_policy (for shortcuts)
versoin 1.3.2
fixed loading default options when no config file was found
added session.example to installed docs
version 1.3.1
added show_scrollbar option in popup menu and termit.cfg
shell_cmd variable splitted into shell (eg bash, zsh, python, etc)
and shell_cmd (eg -c 'su - root', etc)
updated documentation
bugfix with uninitialized GError
fixed --usage output
fixed statusbar encoding when loading session
fixed compilation warnings
version 1.3
when both -s and -e options are presented at command line load session and add tab with command
added --execute/-e command-line option
added hide_single_tab options in termit.cfg (hide tab tray when only one tab is opened)
added configurable keybindings (example here: doc/termit.example)
added support for shell_cmd in session file
added transparent background options in termit.cfg (patch by Tetralet)
added doc/session.example
code cleanup
version 1.2
tabs are reordable for Gtk versions > 2.10.0
added geometry option in termit.cfg (setting COLSxROWS)
--help support
added initial Translation Chinese translation (author Ming Lu)
version 1.1.3
default Sans font replaced with Monospace
fixed linking with option "--as-needed" (patch by Andrew Borodin)
version 1.1.2
bugfix with GError when parsing config files
added hungarian translation (author Peter Polonkai)
added french translation (author Mallory Mollo)
version 1.1.1
important for 64bit platforms: fixes a cast of a pointer to "int"
use pkg-config for detecting vte library
version 1.1
build system changed to CMake (
--version (-v) support
added session support
added desktop file according to "Desktop Entry Specification" v1.0
config file placement changed according to "XDG Base Directory Specification" v0.6
version 1.0.3
double-click on empty space in tabbar opens new tab
in debug mode prints pid of child shell process
version 1.0.2
only fixing
version 1.0.1
removed unneccessary free - potential "double-free" error
version 1.0
initial release