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Creating a New Noodall Component

Instructions for extracting/creating a Noodall component gem


Generate a new component/plugin template

  • rails plugin new noodall-components-<name> --full -Om

We're using the naming convention noodall-components-<name> for new components.

This generates a Rails Engine and applies our customisations.


  • Copy/create models in app/models

  • Copy/create views in app/views/admin/components and app/views/components

  • Setup slots for the new component under test/dummy/config/initializers/noodall.rb

  • Add new slots to test/dummy/app/models/content_page.rb

  • Add the new component slot to test/dummy/app/views/nodes/content_page.html.erb

  • Add cucumber tests and/or unit tests

  • Setup factories in /factories

  • Fill in the *.gemspec file


The easiest way to test a new component is add a gem entry in your Gemfile pointing to a local path.

gem '<gem name here>', :path => "/path/to/noodall/component/here"

Then do a bundle install

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