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Your Github fame is getting closer with every open-source project you've built and promoted, with every new follower starring, using and forking your solution. This extension supplements every Github developer profile with language bars that show how far they've advanced on their road to the glory among %that_programming_language% community memb…
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GitHub User Rank extension

He's dead, Jim...

As of 2018/08/12, GitLance (the current data provider for the GitHub User Rank) is down. Hence the extension ceased to work as well.

See for yourself:

Anyway, I'm not saying farewell, but a kind-hearted goodbye instead. I'm sure it's going to take a few months till I'll be able to rewrite it. Wish me good luck!

Stay tuned!



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Install GitHub User Rank extension from Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons Store.

Yet another small content script, based on data, it adds rankings straight to GitHub user profiles so you don't have to go anywhere anymore.


Like a typical NodeJS-based project, it requires a couple of commands to get started:

npm install
npm run package

At the end, you should be able to see dist folder built aside src.


  • Go to chrome://extensions and turn on a Developer Mode (a checkbox on top).
  • Click Load unpacked extension... button and choose your built dist folder.


  • Open any GitHub user profile (e.g. @noomorph)
  • You should be able to see GitLance stats of the person, below to the profile picture:

GitHub User Rank extension screenshot

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