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This is a fork of the official FlashPunk repo.

You can learn more about FlashPunk at


  • Components, for reusable entity functionality.
  • Signals, for lightweight events attached to objects.
  • Entity class:
    • Added created(), like added, but called by world.create().
    • Made moveBy() return true when it actually moves the entity.
  • FP class:
    • Added FP.worldTime (seconds since world started).
    • Added FP.time (absolute time in seconds, from Flash's getTimer).
  • Grid class:
    • Added grid vs grid collision test.
  • Image class:
    • Added lock()/unlock() to defer buffer updates, for a performance boost when updating many image properties.
  • Screen class:
    • Optional alpha, so you can layer other DisplayObjects under FP.
  • Sfx class:
    • Added a minElapsed argument to play() to rate limit a sound.
    • Added a type property, so you can categorize sounds. You can modify the volume and panning for sounds en masse via the Sfx.setVolume() and Sfx.setPan() methods.
  • Spritemap class:
    • Animations can be flipped.
    • Added an animCount property.
  • Tilemap class:
    • Added createGrid() to create a mask from tile indexes.
  • Tween class:
    • Added public updateTween(), so you can tick tween objects manually from Graphic classes.

I've also merged goodness from these fine fellows:


Bug fixes with open pull requests have feature branches. Check the branches list for this repo to see the modifications for that fix, or look at the pull requests on ChevyRay's repo.

  • Fixed Entity.render() and update() being called with null world
  • Clamped FP.getColorHSV() (pull request)
  • Fixed problems with null parent when using a Masklist (pull request)
  • Fixed World.registerName() incorrectly being called before name is set (pull request)
  • Fixed Entity.addGraphic() not actually adding the graphic for a new Graphiclist (pull request)
  • Made image classes _createBuffer() dispose of existing buffer objects (pull request)
  • Fixed Text being getting cropped when changed (pull request)
  • Made Grid.saveToString() output 0 and 1, so it works with Grid.loadFromString() (pull request)


This fork has a Rakefile for building on OS X (thought it would probably work with the Flex SDK on Windows, too). By default, it dumps a debug SWC file into the bin folder, and builds any projects in the examples folder.

You don't need to do any of that, though. You can just copy the net folder into your project, like normal.


This fork adds Components and Signals, Ruby build scripts, and a number of bug fixes.




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