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A cool bot for quoting people on Discord.
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A Discord selfbot to add "reply"-like quoting functionality

In action

gif demonstration


A proof-of-concept for how replying/quoting could work in Discord. This solution is obviously not optimal, but it's a cool way to see how quoting might work in the future (if ever implemented into the Discord client itself).


Make sure you have "Developer Mode" enabled in Discord's Appearance settings. Right click the message you want to quote, and click "Copy ID."

Next, type {quote: where you want the quote to appear, and paste in the ID of the message. Then, add the source with , source: and paste the ID of the Text channel from where you are quoting. End with }.

Example : {quote:<messageID>, source:<sourceChannel>}

When you send the message, it will be replaced with the quote and its source! Wow!


  • Easy, fast quoting
  • No annoying error messages when you mess up. Nothing happens.


  • Sort of spammy (bigger guilds might not like you using this)
  • Only looks for quotes in the last 50 messages (if the selfbot can't find the message, nothing happens)
  • Currently only available on servers text channels, not DM channels


Clone/download the repo, and with a working Node installation, run npm install.

Rename config.js.defaults to config.js, and enter your user token (this can be found under Discord's Ctrl-Shift-I menu by Application > Storage > Local Storage and finding the key/value pair with the key token) between the quotes.

Now, just run the selfbot with node index.js, and as long as the bot is running, you can quote people freely.

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