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Javascript and CSS based Pokedex

CSS Pokedex

This one is 100% made with CSS, guarantee no image. It's also animated.


Pokedex opens itself on page loading, and closes when the window's width is inferior to the pokedex height. The joystick will also slide in/out when the pokedex opens or closes itself.


Pokedex will be unavailable on phone. As soon as the page loads, the pokedex will close itself, an rotate to -90°.

Searching a Pokemon

This Pokedex does only contain first generation pokemons, with names in english. It is case insensitive, so if you try magikarp or Magikarp it is the same. You can also search with the pokemon's number, without the 0: You can look for Pikachu by entering 25 and not 025.

Note: Some pokemons can't be called like this, because of their special characters or attributes in their name such as Farfetch'd, Nidoran F & M, Mr.Mime...


It is possible to go to the previous or next Pokemon thanks to the arrow on the joystick. You can go from 1 to 151.

The two buttons under the screen allows the user to cancel a search, or to search . Canceling on a pokemon's card won't hide it. It will only hide the search form.