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avrgirl logo

What is this?

The avrgirl project's purpose is to provide a NodeJS alternative to interacting with Atmel® AVR microchips. 'Interacting' is namely:

  1. Flashing / reading EEPROM and flash memories
  2. Setting / reading fuses
  3. Managing microchip state
  4. Support for all modern day programming devices (including those on Arduino boards)

Why? I am writing a series about it on my personal blog.
Watch my talk about avrgirl at JSconfEU 2015


The following standalone packages have been released, more in the works:

  1. avrgirl-arduino - support for the Arduino platform
  2. avrgirl-chips-json - Atmel® AVR chip config
  3. avrgirl-stk500v2 - NodeJS implementation of the STK500v2 protocol
  4. avrgirl-ispmkii - support for the Atmel® AVRISP mkII programming device

Currently in Beta

  1. avrgirl-usbtinyisp - support for usbtinyisp programmers, including the Adafruit Trinket!


This repository will become the 'kitchen sink' package with all avrgirl packages available as a single install and CLI / functional tool to access them.