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Infinite scroll component for React in ES6
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React Infinite Scroller

npm React Version npm npm

Infinitely load content using a React Component. This fork maintains a simple, lightweight infinite scroll package that supports both window and scrollable elements.


  npm i react-infinite-scroller

How to use

The module supports ES6 imports with jsnext:main and require with main in the package.json.

  import InfiniteScroll from 'react-infinite-scroller'

Window scroll events

      hasMore={true || false}
      loader={<div className="loader">Loading ...</div>}>
    {items} // <-- This is the content you want to load

DOM scroll events

  <div style="height:700px;overflow:auto;">
        hasMore={true || false}
        loader={<div className="loader">Loading ...</div>}
  • pageStart : The page number corresponding to the initial items, defaults to 0 which means that for the first loading, loadMore will be called with 1

  • loadMore(pageToLoad) : This function is called when the user scrolls down and we need to load items

  • hasMore : Boolean stating whether there are more items to be loaded. Event listeners are removed if false.

  • loader : Loader element to be displayed while loading items - You can use InfiniteScroll.setDefaultLoader(loader); to set a defaut loader for all your InfiniteScroll components

  • threshold : The distance between the bottom of the page and the bottom of the window's viewport that triggers the loading of new items - Defaults to 250

  • useWindow : Boolean stating whether to add listeners to the window, or else, the DOMNode

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