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tobias - a fun hack during campjs III

Annyang.js and the Giphy API unite to create a story telling experience.
Currently, keywords loaded for recognition are nouns and verbs from the card game 'Once Upon a Time'.

Try saying any word you see in the list below, and try telling a story to Tobias with these words!

Contest, Arguing, Lost, Escaping, Sleeping, Found, Fighting, Love, Journey, Mischief, Alive, Hurt, Meeting, Storm, Imprisoned, Planning, Time, Breaks, Parting, Transforming, Rescued, Revealed, Dying, Food, Axe, Returned, Ring, Clothes, Book, Sword, Door, Cauldron, Trap, Stairs, Fire, Key, Tree, Spell, Crown, Wall, Well, Treasure, Window, Gift, Beautiful, Foolish, Cursed, Brave, Frightened, Poisoned, Disguised, Happy, Fly, Hidden, Lucky, Talk, Healed, Sad, Tiny, Stolen, Ugly, Wicked, Wise, Strong, Faraway, Secret, Blind, Lost, City, Crazy, Cave, Dungeon, Cottage, Sky, Garden, Forest, Mountain, Palace, Kitchen, Night, Road, River, Swamp, Tower, Village, Kingdom, Church, Home, Ruin, King, Beggar, Fairy, Prince, Brother, Sister, Giant, Princess, Child, Wolf, Page, Queen, Stepmother, Frog, Guard, Parent, Horse, Cook, Husband, Wife, Monster, Enemy, Old, Dragon, Thief, Orphan, Witch

See a demo over at tobias.noopkat.com