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Guides and libraries to help you get started.
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👋 Meet the Noops

Hi there! The Noops are 20 amazing machines that do nothing useful. Absolutely useless.

So it's time to have a little fun with code and see what we can do with the Noops.

Here are some libraries to help you get started.

🧠 Data

In our starters, we use the fetch standard with the Github polyfill. Learn how to use the Fetch API.

🎨 Drawing

The canvas tag is the easiest way to draw with HTML and JavaScript. Learn about the Canvas API.

📚 Graphics libraries

p5.js is based on Processing, and has a rich set of tools for creating graphics.

paper.js is a set of helpers for creating vector graphics in canvas.

createJS is a suite of helpers for drawing, audio, and animation:

three.js lets you create 3D experiences in your browser.

fabric.js helps you make canvas elements clickable.

Animation libraries

popmotion pure JavaScript animation.

🕴 Misc

stats.js is a handy tool for monitoring your FPS performance if you're running a lot of animations.

💡 Got an idea? Looking for a collaborator?

See what people are saying about the challenges by joining the conversation on the GitHub.Community

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