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Textpattern CMS 4.4.1

Released under the GNU General Public License. See textpattern/license.txt
for terms and conditions.

Includes contributions licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License. See
textpattern/lgpl-2.1.txt for terms and conditions.

Includes contributions licensed under the New BSD License.

== Installation ==

* Extract the files to your site (in the web root, or choose a
  subdirectory). The top-level index.php should reside in this
  directory, as should the /textpattern/ and the /rpc/ directory.
* Create, or establish the existence of, a working mysql database,
  load /textpattern/setup/ (or /subpath/textpattern/setup/ )
  in a browser, and follow the directions.

== Upgrading ==

* Log out of the admin-side.
* Verify the existence of a working database and file backup.
* Replace the three files in your main installation directory
  (index.php, css.php and .htaccess), everything in your /rpc/ directory and
  everything in your /textpattern/ directory (except config.php)
  with the corresponding files in this distribution. css.php and /rpc/
  might not yet exist in your current site.
* When you login to the admin-side, the relevant upgrade script is
  run automatically. Please take a look into diagnostics to find out
  whether there are any errors and whether the correct version number
  is displayed.
  NOTE: Upgrades from versions below 4.2.0 will present this warning
  upon your very first login to the admin-side:
    Warning: Unknown column 'user_name' in 'where clause' select name,
    val from txp_prefs where prefs_id=1 AND user_name='' in
    /path/to/your/site/textpattern/lib/txplib_db.php on line xx
  This is expected behaviour for the very first login after an upgrade.
  Every further move in the admin side must not throw any error message.
* Verify all preference settings.

== Getting Started ==

* FAQ is available at http://textpattern.com/faq/
* In-Depth Documentation and tag-index is available in the
  Textpattern documentation at http://textpattern.net/
* You can get support in our forums at http://forum.textpattern.com/
* If you are running an Apache web server, rename the @.htaccess-dist@ file
  in the "/files" directory to ".htaccess" to prohibit direct URL access to
  your files. Thus the only route to these files becomes through "/file_download".
  We recommend you consider employing this feature or that you move
  your "/files" directory out of a web-accessible location. Once moved, you
  can tell Textpattern of your new directory location from Advanced Prefs.

* IMPORTANT: Regularly check back at textpattern.com to see if updates are
  available. 4.x is in maintenance mode which means updates are as painless
  as possible, and often fix important bugs or security-related issues.