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❗️ Moved ❗️ Reddit Plus is a userscript for Reddit that adds additional features to simplify your Reddit life.
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Reddit Plus

Reddit Plus is a userscript for Reddit that adds additional features to simplify your Reddit life.

It's a work in progress, adding features as I go. Feel free to join in and add useful features, making Reddit Plus the ultimate userscript for Reddit.

You can safely use it in addition to the Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) if you have that installed too.

Reddit Plus Logo

  • Version: 1.1
  • Short-Link for sharing:
  • Disclaimer: Reddit Plus userscript is in no way affiliated with Reddit Inc.

I encourage you to read about the features first, to know what awesomeness you're about to experience!

If you feel sure about what you're doing and just can't hold it anymore, skip ahead to the installation right away and get started with Reddit Plus :-)


Here's a list of currently available features:

Comments toggle

If you are an active Redittor you will know what it's like, having to open a post only to read a handful of comments. What a drag...

With the comments toggle it's now possible to open comments in the list view with just 1 click, loading them right beneath the post. In the same way that you can easily expand the description text of a post you can now load the comments. In this added view, you can vote, write a new comment and reply to any existing comments, just like that. If you want to stay up to date with the new comments being added, simply reload comments with a single click

Next to each comment(s) link of each post in a list view, you can now find a little [+] button, give it a go!

Toggle to open / close comments

Comments get loaded nicely beneath the post for quick access.

Loaded comments displayed below the post

Easily write a new comment by clicking the add new comment button.

Writing a new comment

Directly reply to an existing comment, just like you would when viewing a single post.

Writing a reply to a comment

There is still 1 known issue with this feature at the moment:

  • When voting on a post with the comments opened, it looks as if all comments have been voted on too (vote button turned orange), but that is NOT the case, it's just a visual change, not an actual vote. This is due to the way that Reddit handles voting and I can't do anything about it just yet.


Reddit Plus can be installed on a PC with Windows, or a Mac with OSX. Simply choose the plugin that corresponds to your web browser below and download the script, as easy as that!

With Plugin

  1. Which browser?
  1. Reddit Plus userscript can be found here (just choose any one)

Any ideas / Feature requests / Comments?

If you have any ideas for me or things you would like to see in this script, go ahead and create a New Issue and let me know!

Any comment is highly appreciated, thanks!


Well, if you really insist, go ahead =)

  • Bitcoin: 1HEJZmLdayFoHrXdWe7LDnFjxZznUDaz9R
  • PayPal


Version 1.1

  • Add functionality to reload comments without having to reload the page.
  • Don't show comments expand button on the single post page.
  • Various little code alterations and text corrections.

Version 1.0

  • Initial version, adding only a button to expand the comments of a each post in a list view.
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