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#Tsu Helper

I encourage you to read about the features and especially the known issues first.

If you feel sure about what you're doing, you can skip ahead to the installation and get started with the Tsu Helper :-)

##Details The Tsu Helper script adds a bunch of tweaks to make your Tsu experience more user friendly.

###About Menu item

The menu item opens an "About" window which shows the current version number, a link to this manual, donation buttons (PayPal & Tsu) and a card to easily Follow me or become a Friend.

About window

###Settings When opening the "About" window, there is a settings button on the top right (little cog, see picture above). This button opens the Settings window which offers the possibility to activate only the desired tweaks. To find out what each feature does exactly, see further down where they are explained individually.

NOTE: The Friends and Followers Manager cannot be disabled, as it has no background activity unless used.

Settings window


  • Hide Ads: Show or Hide all the Advertisements. They are still loaded and displayed, but moved out of view.
  • Enable Quick Mentions: Add Quick Mention links to comments and replies.
  • Emphasize Nested Replies: Emphasize the parent of nested comment replies, to make them more visible.
  • Check Social Networks: Check if your new post is being shared to your connected Social Network accounts.
  • Check Max. Hashtags & Mentions: Check if the maximum number of Hashtags & Mentions has been reached before posting.
  • Notifications Reloaded count: Choose how many notifications should be shown in the Notifications Popup.


  • Save: Save the settings and reload the page for them to take effect.
  • Back: Back to the About window, without saving the settings.
  • Defaults: Reset settings to default values. (The settings must be saved to take effect or can be cancelled by choosing the "Back" button.)

###Posts Archive On the "Analytics" page, there is a new section called "Posts Archive", which shows a list of all the posts on your wall and gives you the possibility to sort them by Views, Likes, Comments and Shares. Also, you can easily expand the text to read through your posts without having to open them. But of course you can also open them with just 1 click ;-) Changing the privacy setting for each post is also a breeze!

Posts Archive

  • Display all your posts in a nice Archive list.

###FFC (Friends and Followers Counts)

IMPORTANT! Check the known issues below.

Automatically display the number of Friends (1st number) and Followers (2nd number) a user has, when hovering over a their username link. Gain control over who has how many Friends and Followers with a quick glance.

FFC works on the Home Feed, User Diary and Single Post pages, also in the comments.

FFC Hover Card

  • Displaying FFC on a user card when hovering over a username.

###Quick Mention in comments and replies Quick Mention adds easy to use links to each comment or reply, which makes mentioning users a breeze!

Mention the user who's post you are commenting on, or the user who's comment you are replying to.

Quick Mention for Comment

  • Simply hover over your profile picture and select the Quick Mention button [@ >].

Mention any user from the comments list to easily add their mention to your comment or reply.

Quick Mention for Reply

  • First select the comment or reply text input, then hover over the comment of the user you would like to mention and click the Quick Mention button [@ +].

###Auto-focus Auto-focusing the correct input fields is a great help to speed up your posting, commenting and messaging.

  • The post message input, so you can instantly start typing a post.

Auto-Focus Title

  • The title input, when adding a title.
  • The message recipient input, when writing a new message.
  • The message text input, when answering a message.

###Basic posting content checks When creating a new post, there are a few things to remember before clicking the "Post" button.

Popup: Social Network Sharing Reminder

  • Popup warning when posting without sharing to your connected social network accounts.

Popup: Mention or Hashtag Limits Exceeded

  • Popup warning when too many #hashtags or @mentions have been used. (Limit is 10 each)

###Make things easier for the eye A few things are not so pleasent to look at and some things are difficult to see.

Message Line Breaks

  • Messages get displayed with correct line breaks to make them easier to read.

Emphasize Nested Replies

  • Comments with nested replies, the "Reply (n)" link is emphasized, to show there are nested replies.

###Open single posts easily Opening single posts is easier than ever!

Open Single Post

  • Just double click the header of any post or share to open the single post itself.
  • To open the single post in a new window or tab, hold down the "Shift" key while double clicking.

###Notifications Reloaded Easily access up to 30 most recent Notifications, Messages and Friend Requests. The number can be changed in the Settings.

Notification Popup

Choose how many notifications you would like to display on the notifications page and filter them by kind of notification and user.

Notification Count

NOTE: The limit has been set to a maximum of 30! I've left the dropdown to choose the amount just in case this limitation changes back.

NOTE: The limit seems to be around 370, but I've added up to 500 just in case the limitation changes at some point.

###Stay up to date! Whenever a new update is available, you will be notified visually. The username link on the top right will get an orange background and the About window will get a new button, making your update just 1 click away.

Menu item has update Update Notification


Tsu Helper can be installed on a PC with Windows, or a Mac with OSX. Simply choose the plugin that corresponds to your web browser below and download the script, as easy as that!

###With Plugin

  1. Which browser?
  1. Tsu Helper script can be found here (just choose any one)

##Any ideas / Feature requests / Comments? If you have any ideas for me or things you would like to see in this script, go ahead and create a New Issue and let me know! Any comment is highly appreciated, thanks!

##Tested with

  • Firefox 33
  • Chrome 39
  • Opera 26

##Known Issues Using the “Friends and Followers Counts (FFC)“ may cause Tsu to become temporarily unavailable. This is due to the amount of information that is being requested from Tsu. I'm working hard at making this work for everybody but unfortunately I have my hands tied at the moment, as Tsu has a few restrictions. If you do risk it and get a "503 Service Unavailable" message, don't panic. After a few hours maximum, you can access Tsu again. DON'T EMAIL TSU SUPPORT ABOUT 503 ERRORS IF YOU USE THIS SCRIPT!! Just be patient =)

Use at your own risk!


DISCONTINUED! Tsu script that adds little tweaks to make life easier.




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