Project template for building a slack bot using nopolabs/yabot
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Project template for building a slack bot using nopolabs/yabot

Getting Started

You will need php 7.* and composer.

  • Use composer to create a new project based on yabot-template.
  • Copy config.example.php to config.php
  • Follow Slack's instructions to get a slack token.
  • Replace "SLACK-TOKEN-GOES-HERE" in config.php with your slack token.
  • Do not check your slack token into a public source control repository.
    (Slack will revoke tokens it finds shared publically).
  • Run Yabot: 'php yabot.php'
composer create-project --stability dev nopolabs/yabot-template my-bot
# allow composer to remove existing .git history
cd my-bot
# create your own git repository for your bot
cp config.example.php config.php
cp .env.example .env
vi .env
# replace SLACK-TOKEN-GOES-HERE with your slack token
php yabot.php
# ... profit

NOTE: yabot uses nopolabs repositories for slack-client and phpws because it depends on updates to coderstephen/slack-client and devristo/phpws that are not yet available from those packages.

Adding plugins

Visit yabot-plugins to find a number of example plugins of varying complexity and utility. Here is how to add one of those plugins (GiphyPlugin) to this project.

  • Use composer to require nopolabs/yabot-plugins
  • Import plugin.giphy.yml in config/plugins.yml
  • Start yabot
composer require nopolabs/yabot-plugins
vi config/plugins.yml
# add: "- { resource: '../vendor/nopolabs/yabot-plugins/config/plugin.giphy.yml' }" to the imports section.
php yabot.php

Writing your own plugins

yabot-template contains one plugin (HelloPlugin) as a placeholder to show where plugin source code, tests, and configuration go. Specifically:

  • source code goes in the src/ directory
  • tests go in the tests/ directory
  • configuration goes in config/plugins.yml and config.php
  • package namespaces for src/ and tests/ auto-loading are set in composer.json


Yabot uses monolog to write logs. By default logging is configured in config.php to go to logs/bot.log.

Setting 'log.file' => 'php://stdout' can be useful during development to direct logging information to the terminal where you have started yabot.