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// Create a new Binary Star instance, using local (bind) and
// remote (connect) endpoints to set-up the server peering.
bstar_t *bstar_new (int primary, char *local, char *remote);
// Destroy a Binary Star instance
void bstar_destroy (bstar_t **self_p);
// Return underlying zloop reactor, for timer and reader
// registration and cancelation.
zloop_t *bstar_zloop (bstar_t *self);
// Register voting reader
int bstar_voter (bstar_t *self, char *endpoint, int type,
zloop_fn handler, void *arg);
// Register main state change handlers
void bstar_new_master (bstar_t *self, zloop_fn handler, void *arg);
void bstar_new_slave (bstar_t *self, zloop_fn handler, void *arg);
// Start the reactor, ends if a callback function returns -1, or the
// process received SIGINT or SIGTERM.
int bstar_start (bstar_t *self);
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