Simple fan control daemon for i8k (Dell Latitude and Inspiron notebooks)
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What's i8kmonitor?

It's a simple python script I written to drop old i8kmon that seems to not
work on my box, and i8krellm because I don't like having gkrellm window
pending on my desktop.

What's i8k?

It's a linux device driver that is used for accessing the SMM BIOS of Dell
Inspiron and Latitude laptops. The SMM BIOS is used on many recent laptops to
implement APM functionalities and to access custom hardware, for example the
cooling fans and volume buttons of the I8000.

What I need to run i8kmonitor?

You need to have installed i8kutils package.

The package could be downloded on:

Or just use your package manager.

How to install on my Ubuntu/Gentoo/<Put your distro here>?

Only ArchLinux distro is supported at this time. But you could help me by
writing a init.d script that supports your distro.

For ArchLinux users just type makepkg and install with pacman.