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When playing multiplayer Minecraft, are you annoyed that when you place a block, it takes a second for the sound to happen? Install this mod and the sound lag will disappear.


Grab the latest binary linked from the official thread on Alternately, you can browse binaries for previous versions or refer to to build from source.


Works exactly like any other Minecraft client mod.

Patch the contents of the zip file into your minecraft.jar, being sure to remove remove the META-INF folder. I recommend a utility like Magic Launcher; manually copying .class files is for the birds.

This mod does not require ModLoader or any other mod management system.


Should be compatible with every mod that does not overwrite:

  • fk.class (Packet15Place)
  • dv.class (Packet62LevelSound)

More info

Minecraft 1.3 involved a lot of internal changes to reduce the amount of server code duplicated by the client. One unfortunate side effect is that if you're on a noticeably laggy connection, your block placement sounds will lag as well. The server controls those sounds now, not the client.

A proper fix will involve changing both the server and the client. Mojang partially fixed this issue in 1.4.3, but we're still wait on a fix for block placement sounds. The issue is in the Mojira bug tracker: MC-55

Once Minecraft's sound lag issues are completely fixed, NoSoundLag will die a happy death! Until then, it's a useful stop-gap.

NoSoundLag is open source! Check the official GitHub project for the changelog, build instructions, and full source code:


Minecraft client mod to fix the block placement sound lag introduced in 1.3




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