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#domain: domain name without http/https
#payments: comma separated/ended (1: cash, 2: cod, 3: bank/wire transfer)
domain =
promote = True
cart = True
payments = 1,2,3,
user_content = True
blog = True
max_product_category = 100
max_product = 500
max_file_size = 512000
max_files = 500
#MySQL database connection parameter
#please replace the defaults with your configuration
host = localhost
user = onlinestore
pass =
name = onlinestore
#SMTP setting, for sending email
#smtp: host
#user: smtp user
#default: send as this user (for example: info@domain.tld)
smtp =
user =
pass =
default =
#dir: session directory
dir = /tmp/onlinestore-multi-session/
#base: base URL
base = /
#dir: directory contains TTF font file(s), or default font will be used
dir = /usr/share/fonts/truetype/freefont/
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