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Pull Request Size is a GitHub App that applies size/* labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed (additions and deletions).

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👉 Install via GitHub marketplace 🌟

This app is free to use for personal and public organization repos. There is a paid plan for use with private organization repos.


Name Description
size/XS Denotes a PR that changes 0-9 lines.
size/S Denotes a PR that changes 10-29 lines.
size/M Denotes a PR that changes 30-99 lines.
size/L Denotes a PR that changes 100-499 lines.
size/XL Denotes a PR that changes 500-999 lines.
size/XXL Denotes a PR that changes 1000+ lines.

Pull Request Size calculates the size of a PR as

total additions + total deletions - (all generated¹ file additions/deletions)

¹ A generated file is either one of the standard generated files as defined in noqcks/generated or defined with linguist-generated=true in a .gitattributes file.

Billing Issues


When an invoiced GitHub account tries to sign up for a subscription to Pull Request Size via the GitHub Marketplace they are met with the following message: "Unfortunately, invoiced customers cannot purchase paid plans on the Github Marketplace."

To get around GitHub billing limitations, we also offer payment via Stripe invoicing. Please follow these steps to complete:

  1. Sign up for the Free plan on the GitHub Marketplace listing
  2. Send an email to with a company name, email of a billing contact, and the name of your GitHub Organization. Please indicate whether you would like a yearly or monthly invoice.
  3. Once the Stripe invoice has been paid, you will be added to Pro plan.


This app requires no configuration out of the box. However, you can exclude certain files from being counted towards a PR's size, and you can add custom labels in Github.

Excluding Files

If you have files that you would not like to be included in the calculation for a Pull Request's size, you can modify the .gitattributes file with the flag linguist-generated=true on your file or file pattern.

For example to mark all .meta files as generated, add this line to .gitattributes

*.meta linguist-generated=true

A .gitattributes file uses the same rules for matching as .gitignore files. See GitHub documentation on the linguist-generated flag for more info.

Custom Labels

You can set custom label names and colors by checking in the file .github/labels.yml to every repository you'd like to customize

  name: size/XS
  lines: 0
  color: 3CBF00
  name: size/S
  lines: 10
  color: 5D9801
  name: size/M
  lines: 30
  color: 7F7203
  name: size/L
  lines: 100
  color: A14C05
  name: size/XL
  lines: 500
  color: C32607
  name: size/XXL
  lines: 1000
  color: E50009

Size Comments

Size Comments are comments made on the size of a pull request. By default, Pull Request Size will not add any comments to a pull request. However, you can enable comments by adding a comment to a label in the .github/labels.yml file.

Any comment that is not empty will be added to the pull request. Leave this key empty to disable comments for a size.

  name: size/XXL
  lines: 1000
  color: E50009
  comment: |
    # Whoa! Easy there, Partner!
    This PR is too big. Please break it up into smaller PRs.

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports

Please create an issue here:


MIT © 2022 Benji Visser


Applies labels to Pull Requests based on the total lines of code changed.




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