A simple progress / loading bar for your Bash scripts
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Simple Loading Bar For Your Bash Script

I needed a simple loading or progressing bar for some of my bash scripts. I like pv. Its great. But an extra depency for my scripts. I dont like extra depencies and this was just a one evening script.


The Output will look something like this:

[            #####       ]


(  ooooooooooooooo                   )


|                      =====  |

or whatever you specify as parameters ;)


At first copy this in your script and change the first while condition to something useful to you. Maybe you would like to pack this into a function or something. But this is at least your part ;)

Next you can specify your parameters (if you want to!)

./loading.sh maximal_size_of_bar speed_in_seconds first_delimiter fill_chars last_delimiter

For Example:

./loading.sh 50 0.02 [ "######" ]

Thats all. But keep an eye on special characters in Bash! Its possible that everything implodes. Use \( for ( or "#" for # for example.

At least you can start the script without any parameters:



Remove the \r (Carrige return) from the script. Does make nice banners in your Terminal :)