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Scenic released!
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@@ -11,7 +11,47 @@ Scenic is a Node.js based album app in which you can see great pictures with you
How to Use?
-Scenic is under development.
+Play with [demo page](!
+*Demo page is under development...*
+Assuming you already have node.js, npm and mongo run:
+ $ git clone git://
+ $ cd scenic
+ $ npm install
+ $ node scenic.js
+**** includes some settings you can change.
+ var settings = module.exports = {
+ port: 8000,
+ mongo_uri: 'mongodb://localhost/scenic'
+ };
+You can change port to make Scenic run on.
+You can also change mongodb's uri if mongo is not running on localhost.
+I highly recommend to use [forever]( for deployment.
+This is a simple use of forever to deploy Scenic.
+ $ npm install forever -g
+ $ forever start scenic.js
+Browser Supports
+Scenic is not well-tested with IE and can't assure to work well, but tested with the most of modern browsers. There are some features that don't work in IE(e.g. drag-and-drop upload).
+If there's a browser problem using Scenic, please let me know! The way how you can contact me is described in **Helpdesk**.
@@ -32,4 +72,7 @@ Helpdesk
If you have any idea to improve this project or any problems using this, please feel free to contact me.
+Scenic also has an IRC channel.
+IRC: #scenicproject
You can also post an issue :
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