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OSCP Exam Report Template in Markdown
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OSCP Exam Report Template in Markdown

I created an OSCP Exam Report Template in Markdown so LaTeX, Microsoft Office Word, LibreOffice Writter are no longer needed during your OSCP exam!

Now you can be efficient and faster during your exam report redaction!

whoisflynn improved template v3.2

Official Offensive Security Template v1



Write your report in markdown.

Generate the report PDF from the markdown template:

pandoc \
-o OSCP-OS-XXXXX-Lab-Report.pdf \
--from markdown+yaml_metadata_block+raw_html \
--template eisvogel \
--table-of-contents \
--toc-depth 6 \
--number-sections \
--top-level-division=chapter \
--highlight-style breezedark

You can change the code syntax highlight theme with --highlight-style.

Color sets

Well rendering color sets you can use in the template YAML frontmatter:

titlepage-color titlepage-text-color titlepage-rule-color
DC143C (Crimson) FFFFFF (White) FFFFFF (White)
00FF7F (SpringGreen) 006400 DarkGreen 000000 (Black)
1E90FF (DodgerBlue) FFFAFA (Snow) FFFAFA (Snow)
483D8B (DarkSlateBlue) FFFAFA (Snow) FFFAFA (Snow)
FFD700 (Gold) 000000 (Black) 000000 (Black)
FFEFD5 (PapayaWhip) 000000 (Black) 000000 (Black)
FF8C00 (DarkOrange) 000000 (Black) 000000 (Black)
FFEF96 (no name) 50394C (no name) 50394C (no name)


Report Templates:

Pandoc Template:

Placeholder image:

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