Bootstrap Awesome Buttons - Create elegant and professional buttons
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Bootstrap Awesome Buttons - Create elegant and professional buttons

A Bootstrap Buttons library for your Bootstrap projects.

Main features:

  • Bootstrap Dark Buttons
  • Bootstrap Light Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Info Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Danger Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Success Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Primary Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Primary Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Dark Buttons
  • Bootstrap Transparent Light Buttons
  • Bootstrap Default Buttons with Lots Of Hover effects
  • Awesome Hover effects
  • Material Looks
  • Use unlimited with free.

Live preview and all CSS Buttons class


Getting started

1. Get a copy of the plugin

You can fork or download the plugin from GitHub, or you can install it from .

2. Load the Bootstrap Awesome Buttons CSS file

Inside the page's head tag after Bootstrap main css file include the Bootstrap Awesome Buttons CSS file.

1. Add minified version

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.min.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="awesome-bootstrap-buttons.min.css"/>

1. Add unminified version

<link rel="stylesheet" href="bootstrap.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="awesome-bootstrap-buttons.css"/>

3. Create the HTML markup

<button class="btn btn-hLeft btn-tr-info">Button Transparent</button>

<a class="btn btn-hUp btn-tr-dark" href="#">Transparent Dark</a>

Bootstrap Awesome Buttons has 22+ hover effects and 15 color variation. which you can you can use easily in your projects.


If you need help with implementing the Bootstrap Awesome Buttons in your project, Please contact me Noor Alam .


The plugin is available under the MIT license.

Hire Noor Alam

Noor Alam is a Freelance Front-end Developer and WordPress Developer.