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Staff designed in 10 minutes with Fusion 360
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Day1 - Tetris v1.f3d
Day10 - Tetris continued.f3d
Day11 - Arduino case.f3z
Day12 - Glasses in five different ways.f3d
Day13 - House plans.f3d
Day14 - Box with BCN3D spools.f3d
Day15 - Box with BCN3D spools continued.f3d
Day16 - Robotic arm part1.f3d
Day17 - Robotic arm part2.f3d
Day18 - Robotic arm part3.f3d
Day2 - Tintin Rocket.f3d
Day20 - Wood Lamp for CNC or laser cutting.f3d
Day21 - Chest of drawers with parameters.f3d
Day22 - Knife block holder.f3z
Day23 - A sort of trophy v1.f3d
Day24 - Another sort of trophy.f3d
Day25 - Glass of water.f3d
Day26 - Matryoshka dolls.f3d
Day27 - nutcracker.f3d
Day28 - House plans continued.f3d
Day29 - Random mode.f3d
Day3 - Filament clip reverse engineered.f3d
Day30 - OSHW lamp.f3d
Day4 - Strange vase.f3d
Day5 - Simple knife.f3d
Day6 - Gummy bear.f3d
Day7 - Candy cane.f3d
Day8 - Chess board.f3d
Day9 - Boat.f3d

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