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Python Client to access CAISO's automated dispatch system

  1. Stores most recent trajectory and disptach data as an xml file on your machine
  2. Dispatch Operating Traget(DOT) is constantly updated in a csv file on your machine
1) Added a Modbus server.
2) DOT data will be served on Modbus addresses 40001, 40003 and so on.
3) Flag on register 10001 indicates quality of data

Multiple plants:
1) If a CAISO certificate has more then one plant associated with it, DOT data will be separated based on 'resource_id'

Better error handling:
1) Better use of 'try expect' for error handling

To Do:

  1. Port to Python3
  2. Test on multiple python versions. Currently tested only on 2.6.1
  3. Parse other relevant Dispatch and Trajectory data and store records in a database.