This repository contains X-Road development model description, development practices and guidelines.
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X-Road Development

This repository is used for storing X-Road development model, and documentation regarding common development practices and guidelines. It is also used for managing changes to these documents.

X-Road Development 'Big Picture'

The Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) owns the X-Road product and maintains Product Roadmap and Product Backlog. The NIIS is responsible for:

  • management, development, verification, and audit of the source code
  • administration of documentation
  • administration of business and technical requirements
  • conducting development, and managing development tools, platforms and practices
  • developing and implementing principles of licensing and distribution
  • providing second-line support to NIIS members.

The NIIS Members nominate representatives to the Advisory Group and participate in the Working Group. The NIIS organizes and facilitates Advisory Group and Working Group meetings.

X-Road Community

X-Road is released under the MIT license and is available free of charge for any individual or organization. More information about the X-Road Community can be found here.

How to contribute?

All contributions are warmly welcome. Submit a pull request, enhancement request, error report or propose a change to the Workflow. Requests are reviewed in Working Group meetings and/or e-mail and/or issue comments.

Pull requests

Pull requests can be submitted following the process described in the Workflow.

Enhancement requests and error reports

X-Road enhancement requests and error reports can be submitted to the X-Road Service Desk. Sign up for an account and get access to the X-Road Service Desk and X-Road Backlog.

Changes to the workflow

If you want to propose a change to the documents in this repository, please submit an issue using the GitHub issue tracker.

Development Tools

The tools listed below are used in the development of the X-Road.

URL Description X-Road backlog. X-Road Service Desk for submitting enhancement requests and error reports.

Sign up for an account and get access to the tools.

Source code

The X-Road core source code master repositories are listed below.

Repository Description
nordic-institute/X-Road X-Road development repository.
nordic-institute/X-Road-tests X-Road related tests.
nordic-institute/X-Road-tests-environment X-Road test automation environment.