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Aleksandar Nikolic & Jan Egil Ring - Windows Server Management - The Next Generation
Alexander Arvidsson - Azure SQL The Cloud Awakens
Alexander Arvidsson - Boring is Stable
Alexander Rødland & Olav Tvedt - Migrating home folders to OneDrive for Business
Alexander Rødland - OneDrive for business and AIP in a GDPR world
Andy Malone - Night is Dark
Andy Malone - Tinker Tailor Hacker
Arnfinn Strand - How to safely embrace the Hybrid Cloud in a DevOps World
Danilo Poccia - AutomationOnAWSforMicrosoftWorkloads
Fred Streefland - War Stories of a Former CISO
Geir Morten Allum og Niklas -kerlund The Three Amigos fighting compliance with Azure Stack
George Christophi - Enabling secure, digital collaboration with Citrix ShareFile Sesjoner Feb 5, 2018
Jan Egil Ring & Øyvind Kallstad - Containers for the modern IT Pro
Jan Egil Ring - Be the automator - not the automated
Jan Ketil Skanke - Managing device access to your company data without enrollment
Jan Vidar Elven - Azure AD B2B - Invite your neighbors to your Cloud party
Jan Vidar Elven - Control Cloud Apps and Information Protection with Cloud App Security Presentation and demo files from Jan Vidar Elven Feb 5, 2018
John Craddock - Azure AD SSO Delete read.md Feb 6, 2018
John Craddock - Troubleshooting
Kent Agerlund - What can go wrong in an Enterprise Client Environment NIC sessions Feb 20, 2018
Kent Agerlund - What is new and trending in the world of Configuration Manager
Marcel Zehner - Tesla & Me - Best Friends
Marcel Zehner - The OMS Solutions Bakery
Mike Resseler - Data deduplication in depth & ReFS Blockcloning
Mike Resseler - Is Fighting Ransomware impossible
Mirko Colemberg - How the new Windows 10 Security Center Works with WDATP, Win-Defender and more
Mirko Colemberg - How to Manage Office 2016 on todays clients
Morten Nordli - Kickstart your machine learning journey for yourself and your company New sessions Feb 8, 2018
Nickolaj Andersen & Peter Löfgren - Modernize ConfigMgr OSD with Community Tools
Nickolaj Andersen - Getting started with Microsoft Intune and PowerShell PPT and demo-scripts Feb 6, 2018
Oddvar Moe & Karim El-Melhaoui - Hardcore hacker vs Awesome IT-Pro
Oddvar Moe - Hacking Windows with Windows
Olav Tvedt - That-s Why you will Love The New OneDrive
Peter Lofgren - 2 Years of Windows 10 Lessons learned
Raymond Comvalius - Sander Berkouwer - NIC18 - Achieving productivity without on-prem infra Mission Impossible
Raymond Comvalius - Sander Berkouwer - NIC18 - Achieving productivity without on-prem infra- Mission Impossible
Raymond Comvalius - Sander Berkouwer - NIC18 - Azure MFA Who Do You Think You Are Delete NIC18 - Azure MFA Who Do You Think You Are 16x9 v4.pptx Feb 6, 2018
Ronni Pedersen & Jan Ketil Skanke - Azure AD B2B Conditional Access Advanced Scenarios
Ronni Pedersen - Protecting Cloud Identities using Azure MFA and EMS
Rudi-Martinsen-Martin-Ehrnst-InvokeYourRestMethod Add files via upload Feb 2, 2018
Sami Laiho - Implementing AppLocker Whitelisting in an Enterprise
Sami Laiho - Precon NIC sessions Feb 6, 2018
Sami Laiho - Windows 10 - What’s new (and IMPORTANT) for 2018 and beyond NIC sessions Feb 6, 2018
Simon Binder - How Azure- Windows 10 - Citrix solutions can create a First Class user experience
Simon Binder - Implementing the technical aspects of Windows as a Service Delete Placeholder Feb 6, 2018
Stale Hansen - How to control Microsoft Teams like a boss
Stale Hansen - LifeHack 5 steps for succeeding with personal productivity using OneNote
Victor Grane - Cognitive Security and Incident Response
Viktorija Almazova - Cloud battles Choosing Azure AWS or Google battleships Rename folder - removed characters not supported on Windows Feb 8, 2018
Viktorija Almazova - Secure your cloud like a master. Deep dive into Azure Security Center
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