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-# westcave Dot Files
+# Innovation Lab Pairing Station Dot Files
-These are the configuration files I want to have in every Linux box I use.
+These are the configuration files I want to have on every pairing station I use.
-Original files copied from jdevera/dotfiles. As these are highly preferential,
-I don't recommend a fork.
+Original files copied from [westcave](
+They were then adapted for use with OS X and Linux-specific configuration was
## Installation
- git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
- cd ~/.dotfiles
- bash install
+ git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
+ ~/.dotfiles/install
## Contents
-Most files handle Bash or Vim configuration, additional files for utilities
-such as GNU Screen and Git.
+Most files handle Bash and text editor configuration (Vim, and TextMate 2, so far),
+as well as additional files for configuring utilities such as iTerm2,
+GNU Screen, Git, ack and rvm.
### Configuration file generators

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