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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this 07 Jan 17:05
· 6 commits to develop since this release

Release Date: 2018-01-07 Project Board Milestone

Detailed information about features and the project can be found in the project documentation.



❯ The new project documentation contains chapters to learn about the installation and development requirements, learn how to build the project and run the tests. (#25 in PR #26, 4b0771b)

❯ Next to the project documentation the new GitHub Open Source community standards have been added to complete the project's community profile and adapt to the Open Source Guides consisting of the Contributing Guidelines and the Code of Conduct. (#18 in PR #24, 775161e)

❯ Added GitHub's new code owners feature to improve the code review process. (#16 in PR #22, a621790)

❯ Added GitHub's new issue and pull request templates to provide support for contributors to [create issues][issue-template] and [submitting pull requests][pr-template]. (#17 in PR #23, 251450e)

Bug Fixes

❯ Removed the cursor blink (´cursorBlink) theme configuration implemented in #7 which caused the display to break when Hyper gets fully reloaded. Users can switch to the builtin configuration feature provided by Hyper introduced in version 1.3.0. (#10 in PR #12, @Erazihel, fc161d1)



❯ Adapted the migration to the MIT license based on the main task arcticicestudio/nord#/55. (#13 in PR #14, a7a0468)

Build Tools

❯ Updated the build configuration for Circle CI to the new API version 2.0. Both Circle CI and Travis CI are changed to use npm instead of yarn. (#20 in PR #21, 50a1c8e)

❯ Replaced gulp.js with npm scripts. gulp.js is meant to be used as streaming build tool for larger projects with many tasks to combine them to a simple workflow while Nord Hyper is a small project with only one build / development task where gulp.js is more overhead / too heavy weight. (#27 in PR #28, f822e3d)

The full changelog is available here