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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this 03 Dec 10:59
· 5 commits to develop since this release


Public API

The public API method getVersion() : String is now static and returns the String constant VERSION to adapt to the SonarQube minor rule squid:S3400.
The associated unit test has been refactored to test against the ArcVer library arcver-java. (@arcticicestudio, #8, 7efc44c)

The attribute

private final Color COLOR;

conflicted with the SonarQube rule squid:S00116 and has been adapted to the Arctic Ice Studio Java code style. (@arcticicestudio, #9, 8eb03e6)


Fixed the deprecated POM variable ${inceptionYear} and replaced it with ${project.inceptionYear}. (@arcticicestudio, #3, 1a02e6d)

Added POM profiles for JFrog Bintray to deploy Maven artifacts to the jCenter and snapshots to the OSS JFrog repository. (@arcticicestudio, #4, f74c7a5)

Public API Documentation

Adapted the documentation style of the Nord color palette project to the JavaDoc. (@arcticicestudio, #7, 9eab580)

Bug Fixes

Public API Documentation

Fixed malformed JavaDoc to prevent compilation errors caused by the new JavaDoc linter rules introduced JDK 8u92 by adding the summary attribute to table tags. (@arcticicestudio, #3, 1a02e6d)



Created a circle.yml configuration file to add Circle CI build integration. (@arcticicestudio, #6, f241e8d)

Added the maven-assembly-plugin as assemble POM profile (@arcticicestudio, #5, 9f6e438)

The full changelog ist available here