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@arcticicestudio arcticicestudio released this 06 Aug 12:39
· 4 commits to develop since this release

Changelog for Nord Sublime Text — An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Sublime Text color theme.

Release Date: 2019-08-06 Project Board Milestone

This is the initial release version that mainly focused on the deployment to the Package Control registry and the transition to „Nord Docs“.


Nord Docs Transition#21#23 (⊶ 8d01b88)
↠ Transferred all documentations, assets and from „Nord Sublime Text“ to Nord Docs
Please see the corresponding issue in the Nord Docs repository to get an overview of what has changed for Nord Sublime Text and what has been done to migrate to Nord Docs.

Landing Page

Preview: Nord Sublime Text Port Project Landing Page

Landing Page Docs

Preview: Nord Sublime Text Docs Project Landing Page

Installation & Activation Docs

Preview: Nord Sublime Text Docs Installation & Activation Docs Page

Package Development Docs

Preview: Nord Sublime Text Docs Package Development Docs Page

Transition to new JSON based syntax color scheme format#22/#1#24/#20/#2 (⊶ 294ab7c) co-authored by @kaine119
↠ As of Sublime Text version 3.1.0 Build 3149, a new JSON based color scheme format .sublime-color-scheme was introduced for easier editing, customization and addition of new features.
Nord migrated to the new format (JSON) from the now deprecated/legacy .tmTheme format (XML).

Please note that Nord now requires a minimum Sublime Text version of 3.1.0 Build 3170!

All versions greater or equal to 3.1 build 3120 come with a builtin tool to convert legacy themes to the new format through the command palette when the files is opened in the editor („Convert Color Scheme“).

The following additional changes and additions for features that have been introduced with the new JSON color scheme format are included:

  • Added all Nord colors as variables to the variables object that are exposed through Sublime Text's internal CSS color scheme API to reuse them with the CSS var() function for the defined scope rules.
  • Added additional syntax-specific variables to the variables object to ensure a uniform color usage for scopes with the same context as well as reducing code duplication and possible transmission errors.
  • Added the new Git gutter diff keys line_diff_added, line_diff_modified and line_diff_deleted to the globals object to ensure they match Nord's style.

The now officially deprecated .tmTheme color scheme format file has been removed and is not supported by the Nord theme package anymore.



Comment Color Brightness#18#19 (⊶ 7e388f2e)
↠ Implemented the frequently requested and long-time outstanding increase of the comment color (nord3) brightness by 10% from a lightness level of ~35% to ~45%.

Please see arcticicestudio/nord#94 for all details about this design change decision!



Please see the official documentation about [user and workspace settings][vscode-docs-settings] for more details how to customize and configure VS Code.



Migration to MIT license#4#5 (⊶ 0f1657d)
↠ Adapted to the MIT license migration of Nord. Details can be found in the main task ticket arcticicestudio/nord#55.

The full changelog is available here