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OBS AJA Output Filter 0.2.1

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@norihiro norihiro released this 16 Aug 06:43
· 17 commits to main since this release

This is an experimental release of AJA Output Filter plugin for OBS Studio.

Changes at 0.2.1

  • Fixed UUIDs for macOS installer, which were same as those in obs-plugintemplate.

Changes at 0.2.0

  • Support macOS on Apple Silicon with OBS 28.
  • Provide an installer for macOS instead of DMG file.

Note that there is no changes in source code from 0.1.0 but only build-flow is modified.


  • Not all binaries are tested.
    • Windows: never tested.
    • MacOS: never tested.
    • Ubuntu: never tested but the source code is tested on CentOS Stream 9.



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OBS Studio 27 or later

Download and extract to your OBS Studio installed directory.
See install instruction for detailed steps.

Or, download obs-aja-output-filter-0.2.1-obs27-Windows-Installer.exe and execute it.
The author does not recommend installer since the installer is not signed so that some anti-virus software might alarm.


OBS Studio 27 or later on Intel mac

Download installer obs-aja-output-filter-0.2.1-obs27-macos-x86_64.pkg and run installer.
Or, download zip package and follow this guide to extract.

OBS Studio 28 or later on Apple Silicon

Download installer obs-aja-output-filter-0.2.1-obs28-macos-arm64.pkg and run installer.
Or, download zip package and follow this guide to extract.

Note: If you are using OBS Studio 27 with Rosetta2, download Intel version.


OBS Studio 27 or later on Ubuntu

Download package obs-aja-output-filter-0.2.1-obs27-ubuntu-20.04-x86_64.deb and install with sudo apt install obs-aja-output-filter-0.2.1-obs27-ubuntu-20.04-x86_64.deb.