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OBS Color Monitor 0.2.1

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@norihiro norihiro released this 26 Jun 08:41
· 188 commits to main since this release

This is a minor release of OBS Color Monitor.

Changes from 0.1.7 are

  • Added dock widget
  • vectorscope:
    • Changed default graticule color to amber.
    • Changed default graticule style.
    • Changed default skintone line (very small change).



Download (provided below) and extract to your OBS Studio installed directory or download obs-color-monitor-0.2.1-Windows-Installer.exe and execute it.


Download (provided below) and extract in /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins.
See install instruction for details.


Download and install obs-color-monitor_1-0.2.1-1_amd64.deb (provided below)
Or, compile from source for other distribution.


  • Not all binaries are tested.
    • Windows: This release is tested.
    • MacOS: 0.1.5 was the last tested release.
    • Ubuntu: never tested but the source code is tested on CentOS 8.
  • Binary is not signed for macOS.
  • Performance is much slower on macOS.
  • Dock:
    • Currently each source is individual so that it transfers frame data from GPU to CPU. In future release, I will change this to transfer frame once for all sources in the dock to reduce performance penalty.
    • Only program is selected by the dock.
    • Since the implementation of the dock is a large change, consider to use 0.1.7 just in case if something is wrong on your system.
  • Accuracy of the result is not guaranteed.


  • I'd like to thank Jakub, creator of who gave me information about the skin tone line of the tool. It is a standalone tool running on Windows to capture desktop region quickly and show the vectorscope and waveform in real time.
  • I also thank those who gave me feedback on Github, Facebook, and the forum on OBS Project page.