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OBS h8819 Source 0.2.1

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@norihiro norihiro released this 20 Aug 06:03
· 24 commits to main since this release

This is an experimental release of an audio source from REAC, an audio-over-ethernet protocol.

Changes in 0.2.1

  • macOS: Revise build script to support OBS 28.0-rc1 (and later) macOS on Apple Silicon.
  • Linux: Fix missing setcap when installing with make install.


  • Before using this plugin, test enough at your system.
  • This plugin is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, and the plugin is to be used at your own risk.
  • The author of this plugin has no relationship with Roland. Do not ask Roland for support of this plugin.


  • Use at your own risk.
  • Only 48 kHz sampling frequency is supported. (Still you can set any sampling frequency on OBS Studio.)
  • Not all binaries are tested.
    • macOS: Tested (0.1.2 on macOS 12.4, both x86_64 and arm64)
    • Ubuntu: never tested but the source code is tested on CentOS Stream 9.
  • This plugin is not provided for Windows as of now.


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OBS Studio 27 on Intel mac

Download installer obs-h8819-source-0.2.1-obs27-macos-x86_64.pkg and run installer.
Or, download zip package and follow this guide to extract.

OBS Studio 28 or later

Download installer obs-h8819-source-0.2.1-obs28-macos-universal.pkg and run installer.
Or, download zip package and follow this guide to extract.

You might need to add access permission to capture raw packets. See wiki for details.


OBS Studio 27 or later on Ubuntu

Download package obs-h8819-source-0.2.1-obs27-ubuntu-20.04-x86_64.deb and install with sudo apt install obs-h8819-source-0.2.1-obs27-ubuntu-20.04-x86_64.deb.