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OBS Multi Source Effect 0.1.7

@norihiro norihiro released this
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This is a minor release of Multi Source Effect plugin for OBS Studio.

Changes in 0.1.7

  • Added a new property to set number of sources.
  • Added example effects
    • New effects; hard light, soft light, and overlay
    • Example effects with alpha blending
  • Implemented automatic reload of the effect file
    If the cache is disabled, the effect file will be automatically reloaded when timestamp of the file was updated.
    For users who don't develop effect files, it is recommended not to disable the cache.
  • Removed reload button

Changes in 0.1.6

  • Another bugfix for blend state.

Changes in 0.1.5

  • Modified blend function so that the blend behavior is similar to that of the scene in OBS-Studio.
  • Fixed missing gs_blend_state_pop.

Change in 0.1.4

  • Added two features to avoid caching of effect file and reloading the effect file by a button. It would be useful to debug your custom effect file.

Changes in 0.1.3

  • The source won't be duplicated even if Duplicate Source is enabled on OBS Studio.
    This will improve performance by avoiding to read the effect file again at the scene transition.
  • Fix a crash when source select itself or scene that causes loop

Change in 0.1.2

  • Fix a crash when source name is not specified. (#4)

Changes from 0.1.1

  • Now provides combo box for each source name.
  • Fix a bug causing dead-lock of the UI thread.
  • Fix a memory leak


  • No binary packages are tested. (My development environment is Fedora Linux.)



Download obs-multisource-effect-0.1.7-Windows-Installer.exe (provided below) and execute it.
Or, download (provided below) and extract to your OBS Studio installed directory.
See install instruction for detailed steps.


Download (provided below) and extract in /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins.
See also this guide.


Download and install obs-multisource-effect-0.1.7-1_amd64.deb (provided below)
Or, compile from source for other distributions.