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Preprocessor for CSS, including verification, calculation and minification
Perl CSS JavaScript
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CSS Prepare

A "work in progress" (ie. not yet ready for prime-time) minifier/preprocessor for CSS:

  • parses CSS from multiple files, including a limited form of inheritence to enable base stylesheets to be used intelligently

  • can emit warnings when encountering invalid CSS

  • accepts "colour" and "background-colour" properties for people that habitually spell correctly

  • optimises output CSS files by omitting unnecessary source elements such as comments, non-significant whitespace and redundant rules

  • useful preprocessing features, such as

    • different block-level and line-level comment styles
    • reusable definitions
    • automatic expansion of commonly replicated CSS rules (eg. border-radius, -moz-border-radius, -webkit-border-radius)
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