A wrapper around battleschool, the ansible-powered development environment provisioner
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A wrapper around battleschool to enable sharing configuration setups between computers and/or people.

I have more than one computer that I would like to set up using battleschool. They need different configurations but I still want to keep the configuration in a single place. Hence, this.

You can see my configuration for an example of how to set things up.


# check out the repo, then: (may need sudo)
cp bend /usr/local/bin


bend [-v] [--user USER] [--host HOST] [--dir DIR] [HOST] [USER]


# accept all defaults

# change the hostname (default is `hostname -s`)
bend dev_box
bend --host dev_box
BEND_HOST=dev_box bend

# change the username (default is $USER)
bend --user bob
BEND_USER=bob bend

# change both
bend --user bob --host dev_box
bend dev_box bob
BEND_USER=bob BEND_HOST=dev_box bend

# change the directory where config files are kept
# (default is ~/etc/battleschool)
bend --dir ~/.battleschool

# list what files are used to create the final config
bend -v


A normal battleschool configuration directory contains a file config.yml. Bend will create this file for you by combining (in this order):

  • common.yml
  • host/<host>.yml
  • user/<user>.yml

This allows you to specify the local playbooks, URLs and git repositories to use on a global, per-host and per-user basis. Each file is optional (but at least one must exist for this to make any sense).

If any of the following exist, they are assumed to contain extra variables used during the battleschool run:

  • common.vars.yml
  • host/<host>.vars.yml
  • user/<user>.vars.yml

Why bend?

  • it bends computers to your will?
  • my laptop is called sinister, and I find it amusing to use the command bend sinister to set it up