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@eurovisiondrink is a semi-automated twitter account for those of us who enjoy drinking during the Eurovision Song Contest. When certain incidents happen during the broadcast, a tweet is sent explaining what has just happened and how much you should drink.

To speed up this tweeting, most of it happens from a control panel, so I can get back to enjoying Eurovision as quickly as possible.

This repo is that control panel, and the source for the website

(There was an earlier version published, but this is a complete rewrite. The original still exists at v1.)

Setting up

The control panel is normally used via a virtual environment.

pip install virtualenvwrapper
mkvirtualenv eurodrink
pip install -r requirements.txt

Twitter credentials

In order to tweet, we first need twitter credentials for the app and the user to tweet as. Add the consumer key and secret obtained from Twitter to the .env file:


Run the auth app, then visit http://localhost:5000/:

honcho start auth

Sign in with the Twitter account you want to use and authorize the app. Add the two lines provided to the end of your .env file:


You can now stop the auth app running.

Refreshing the data

The database is not to be treated as the canonical source of data, it is just used for the ease of using django to build pages and to work with twitter during the contest itself.


Using the admin interface

honcho start web

To log into the admin interface, visit http://localhost:3876/ with the username norm and password norm.

The admin navigation contains a link to the control panel that is used to tweet the drinking game during the grand final.

Website publication

# preview on http://localhost:37465/
honcho start static
make static

# copy when satisifed
make static
aws s3 sync site/. s3://

Running the drinking game

First, ensure this year's data is in eurovision_data/, even in draft. The performances should have their data entered fully (artists, singers, languages), and double-checked they are in the correct running order, as this is relied upon for ease of navigating acts in the control panel.


The panel will present the first performance and all the possible incidents. When the performance is over, click "Finished", that performance is marked as having occurred, and the next will be presented.

Once all performances have finished, the panel will switch to the scoring round incidents. A list of all participants is presented. As each score is reported, click the country in question and the possible incidents will be presented. Once that participant's scores have been announced, click "Finished" and that participant is marked as having scored.

Once all participants have announced their scores, the panel will announce that you are done.


The site and control panel used to run @eurovisiondrink






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